Snapshots from the Jungle: Medicine under the Canopy

Among the many different ministries that go on throughout the summer, there is always something unique and amazing about medical clinics. One of my goals is to become an Emergency Room Nurse and because of that there is a special place in my heart for medical missionaries. I love every minute that I get to spend watching them work and learning from them. Even if it is not something that I particularly think I would ever do. I had the privilege of being involved in two very different medical clinics this year and it was fantastic.

The first clinic happened in June while I was working in Belize City. The team was Hibben United Methodist out of Charleston, SC. They have been coming to Belize with Praying Pelican for about 5 or 6 years. Each time they have brought along a dentist or oral surgeon and dental hygienists to set up a clinic in the top room at Galilee Baptist Church. This has become one of my absolute favorite clinics. I love getting to stand and watch them work and seeing the smiles on peoples faces after they get their teeth checked is beautiful. This year Dr. Craig and Sally did an amazing job working tirelessly for several days making sure that every patient that needed to be seen was seen. Not only do they check their teeth but they do an amazing job making each and every patient feel comfortable and know that they are loved and valued. They have also made me very happy the several times they have let me stand beside them and act as the helper handing them things or holding the patients hands. Let’s just say i’m a very happy camper in those moments.


The second clinic this year was a first for me and one that to be completely honest I worried would not go well. Why? You may ask. It was an acupuncture clinic. I had a group of people from Beth-El Christian Center in Virginia come down and join up with a group in San Lazaro, Orangewalk. Every day they would set up outside the church and then people would show up and they would spend countless hours pouring into them not only physically but spiritually. As Dr. Oliver would talk to them, he would not only seek to find out their physical illness but he and his wife along with Christine and Wendell would pour into their life spiritually. There was no doubt in my mind that every single one of those 100+ people that were seen during those 3 1/2 days left knowing that Jesus loved them and that he cared for their well-being. It was one of the coolest things that I have ever been a part of.


*Also, just in case you are wondering, Yes, acupuncture does work. They graciously did my knee and I can once again run. Don’t get too excited though, I am still building up my stamina but it doesn’t hurt! Praise Jesus!


If you want to join me on one of my trips, check out Praying Pelican Missions for more information! I would love to see you 😉

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10 Weeks in the Blink of an Eye.

Where did the summer go? How am I back home already? Who should I talk to first? What should I start with?

10 Weeks.
17 Teams.
171 Participants.
1 God.

I honestly don’t know where to start. Should I start with how I saw people’s lives changed forever? Should I start with how I saw people healed from their pain right before my eyes? Should I start with how I was changed? I don’t know.

God did some amazing things this summer. Things that you sometimes can’t put into words. I met some of the most beautiful souls that I will probably ever meet in my entire life. Some that don’t even speak the same language as me but that didn’t matter because we both love Jesus and that’s what matters. God healed people and gave them new life. He used teenagers to show people how much He loved them and many times these teens put adults to shame. (1 Timothy 4:12 people!)

I can’t sum everything up in one blog post and honestly I wouldn’t want to. It would be too long, would take weeks to write and hours to read so I offer you this once again: For the next couple weeks (or however long it takes me) I will send out “Snapshots from the Jungle” which highlight specific things from my journeys this summer. I invite you to sign up on my email list so you know when they come out. The first one will be out later this week.

My “Job” is too cool not to share so sit back, relax, and let’s enjoy God’s goodness together.