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At Praying Pelican Missions, we specialize in partnering your group with an established or new church across the globe or close to home.

We currently offer a variety of affordable Christian mission opportunities. Select from a Mexico mission, Costa Rica mission, Belize mission, Haiti mission, Dominican mission, Jamaica mission, Puerto Rico mission, South Africa mission or US mission. During your experience, play sports, teach VBS, build homes, repair churches, participate in a medical mission, teach English, serve meals or perform dozens of services that meet spiritual, practical and physical needs and impact the local community.

As you build relationships during your mission experience, you support and partner with the local church. Our trips are also led in partnership with local, native Christians and ministry leaders. They understand the local culture, have established relationships and work tirelessly to share the gospel and grow God’s kingdom. After your team shares its expertise during a safe mission trip this year, return again to the same location year after year.

Contact PPM today and learn more about the adult and youth mission trips we offer. Arrange for your church, school, family or community team to participate in a missions experience that changes the world and each of you one life-changing mission trip at a time.