What do we do…exactly?

Not many people ask Nate this question but a lot of people ask me (Leah) this question. So, we figured we would answer for both of us.


Ladies First…

As the Belize Operations Manager, my job consists of three main areas of focus:

Area #1: Missions Sales & Consulting
Recruit, enlist, and sign-up groups to participate in our missions trips, which will further encourage and equip Christians in their walk with Christ.
*Getting teams excited and prepared for the trip of a lifetime!

Area #2: Belize Operation Management and Trip Leader
Provide mission teams with a top quality, Christ- centered experience, while working to secure all details needed for missions overall to continue in Belize.
*Not only do I get to organize the awesome trips but I get to go!

Area #3: Fundraising
Grow PPM and your own support system through financial contributions.
*Spread the joy of serving Christ to everyone I meet!


The Gentleman next…