Join Our Team!

What will your financial gift accomplish?


First off,  We have been truly blessed to be in the position we are in. We feel God has brought us to this point in our lives where we can serve him in very unique ways. We are blessed to be able to serve with Praying Pelican Missions in Belize, blessed that Nate can work with the next generation through teaching and blessed that we have the ability to serve the youth at a church in Mebane. Your financial support will go towards our personal living expenses such as insurance, loans, groceries, gas, etc. It is through your faithfulness and support that we will be able to continue in the task which God has place in front of us.

Personal Support Goal: 
Our goal is to raise $12,000+ to help with these personal living expenses. Monthly, we would like to have at least $1000 coming in with which we feel will allow us to continue our work with Praying Pelican. It will allow me to continue traveling with PPM and allow Nate to continue where he is while also helping with a local youth group without needing another job.

Tangible Ways You Can Support Us:

  1. Student Loans: $1000 a month
  2. Rent: $ 895.00 a month
  3. Car: (Payment – $ 631.71 a month/ Ins – $ 145.95 a month)
  4. Food: $250 a month
  5. Life Insurance: $200.00 a month
  6. Health Insurance: $300 a month
  7. Savings: $100.00 a month
  8. Vacation: $50.00 a month
  9. Retirement: $100.00 a month
  10. Misc: $100.00 a month

Total Expenses: $3,772.66

If you would like to start a monthly donation you can use a check or paypal and then you can send Leah a note for what you would like it to go towards. No gift is to small and any support is appreciated. Thank you for supporting us in this way.


How Can You Give?

Support can be given by mailing a check or by credit card online.


• 97% will be given to us. 3% is to cover processing fees by Praying Pelican Missions.

• Write check to Praying Pelican Missions (do NOT put our name anywhere on the check). Include a note with the check stating: “Support for Nathaniel & Leah Brotzman” and your email address to receive a receipt via email or your mailing address to receive a receipt by mail.

Mail to:
Praying Pelican Missions
5094 Miller Trunk Hwy Suite 300
Duluth, MN 55811

• Once the check is received by Praying Pelican Missions it will be processed within 7 business days. A receipt will be sent to you after the check has been processed.


• 94% will be given to us. 6% is used to cover credit card fees and processing fees by Praying Pelican Missions.

•You can give on a monthly or one-time basis by either visiting or clicking on the buttons below!

• At, Scroll down until you can view the “Staff Support” section on the bottom of the page.

• Scroll down until you see “Nathaniel & Leah Brotzman” in the list.

• By my name, select either the “Donate” button to give a One Time gift or the select the drop down tab to determine the amount you’d like to give on a monthly basis. After selecting the amount, please click “Subscribe”.

• Fill out credit card information making sure to include your email for your tax deductible receipt!