Help Me See My Need – A Poem and Prayer   Recently updated !

This is a poem I wrote late last school year. I was nearing the end of the fourth quarter, and starting to feel that I was “coasting” through the days. I did not feel a pressing need to be with God in serious, strenuous ways as I did when there was a dire need or chaos, or even when he was showering blessings down on me. So I wrote this poem which became my prayer, to see my need in God in every occasion and every day. There is never a day when we do not rely on the sovereign grace and providence of God. Lord, help us see our need!
Help me see my need in you
When all my skies are bright and blue
And all has prospered in my way
Lord, help me see my need all day.
Help me see my need, my lack
When all my skies have turned to black
When woes and miseries all I see
I cry to you, and feel my need.
Help me see my need this day
When all my skies have turned to gray
Where uncertain clouds parade above
Jesus, then, do I need your love.
Help me see my need and praise
You; keep me from the heart that’s raised
For you O Lord have made me whole
In humbleness you guard my soul.
To see my need is paradise
And makes me free of all device
To think that I can save myself
When only you can make me well.
Blessings to you all.

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