The Ultimate Mission Trip Style Guide: You Smell Nice… 2

“The Ultimate Mission Trip Style Guide.” – tips and tricks from Praying Pelican Missions lady missionaries on how to look good, feel good and take the pressure off of packing your suitcase for a new culture, climate and lifestyle. Our heart is to remove the anxiety and focus from timeless questions like: “What do I wear?” and give you a few tips that we’ve learned throughout the years. Ultimately, we pray that these posts would be a resource for you as you prepare for your trip. We want to provide you with a few tools that can help you remain focused on what God is teaching you and doing around you during your time abroad, instead of the length of your shorts, the style of your still-wet hair or how much make-up is appropriate. But of course, throughout it all, we must have fun in the process!

After giving you tips on where to get good finds for clothes, easy ways to do your hair and makeup, and how simple it is to plan outfits for a mission trip…why not top it off by telling you how you can not only smell good but stay nice and dry during your week of service?!? So, here we go. I thought the most logical first step would be to give you a shopping list and then tell you how you can use each of those items throughout the week.:

What You’ll Need:

Baby Powder
Downy (or other laundry softner)
Baby Wipes
Dryer Sheets
Small Spray Bottle
Zip-Lock Bags
  • Baby Powder is one of the things that I have been using for the past 3 years and it works wonders. I use baby powder under my arms, under my shirts, everywhere. Dump some of it on and it keeps you nice and dry when the sweat starts pouring. You can also put a small amount in your hands and pat it on your hair if it starts getting greasy looking. (*Take special care if your hair is darker!)
  • Febreze comes in handy for any situation when you need a quick spritz of something that smells good. After a long day of running around with kids, building houses or some other construction project, I like to spray a little on my clothes to keep the sweat smell down and it also works wonders on a room full of sweaty men. 
  • Downy (or any laundry softner) combined with water and put into a spray bottle acts a a great smelling perfume that you can keep in your backpack and spritz on yourself (or anyone else in need!) all day long!
  • Baby Wipes are the one thing I constantly have on hand in my backpack. They are useful for some many things and don’t take up a lot of room. I use them as a quick clean up for my hands, to wipe off dirt on my legs or arms or to simply wipe the sweat off my face throughout the day. Its an amazing feeling to get the sweat off your body and be left with a clean feeling. Keeps you going that extra hour. A must have for every lady missionary who want a quick fix to a sweaty problem.
  • Dryer Sheets are one of the those things that aren’t essential in keeping you smelling good; but if you want to open your suitcase and get a whiff of fresh spring air or lay down at night and smell freshly cleaned laundry then they are definitely something you want to have on your packing list. I stuff a few of these in the netting and pockets of my suitcase to keep my clothes and suitcase smelling sweet and I place one inside my pillow case to keep my pillow nice and fresh. It does a girl wonders to lay down at night after a long hard day and smell a fresh clean scent. Don’t believe me??…try it right now and find out 😉
  • Zip-Lock Bags are amazing for not only keeping things dry but also keeping all those nasty smelling clothes from stinking up everything else. 


So grab your bags, pack your clothes, don’t forget the spray bottle! and get ready for your trip of a lifetime!

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The Ladies Behind It All: Christy Bodnar, Liz Drennan, Bethany Richardson, Amanda Buda, Anna Morgan, Tracy Roberts and Leah Laird.

Thanks for the ride…We Love You!

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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Mission Trip Style Guide: You Smell Nice…

  • Kathryn Reed

    Great post, thank you so much! Another helpful tip, dryer sheets can also double as a great bug repellant! Rub it on your arms and legs and all over your shoes (I also tie mine onto my laces for long-lasting approach). It helps keep you smelling fresh and keeps the bugs away!

  • Debbie

    been to Haiti two times and loved every minute. Best piece of packing that I found was “BONDS GOLD POWDER” stuff has an amazing cooling agent while helping to keep you dry.