Monthly Archives: July 2014

When A Month Feels Like A Second…

On June 4th when I left for my longest stretch in Belize serving on mission trips, 10 weeks seemed like it was a big number. Not because I wasn’t excited but simply because it amounted to 2 1/2 months. Now, however, 4 weeks is already finished and I feel as if I just got here. I feel like the past weeks of trips which have been absolutely amazing have gone by in the blink of an eye and I’m struggling to gather my thoughts and sift through all the up and down emotions that I have experienced.

God has once again connected me with some amazing teams filled with inspiring individuals and surrounded me with some of the best fellow leaders I could ever ask for. What a blessed way to live life. One thing that I have been constantly reminded of during these weeks is how much I really and truly need him. I could not do what I do if he were not by my side. I could not handle any of it on my own. But day after day, he consistently refills me with his love, grace, and mercy so that I can pour it out to everyone that he brings across my path.

Recently in my devotions, I have been reading through 1 Timothy, some Psalms and then Philippians and Colossians. In both Philippians and Colossians I found two verses that exemplify what it is I am feeling at this point in my life and in my journey while I am down here in Belize. The first is found in Philippians 3:10-11, “I want to know Christ and the power that raised him from the dead. I want to share in his sufferings and become like him in his death. Then I have hope that I myself will be raised from the dead.” The second is from Colossians 4:5-6, “Be wise in the way you act with people who are not believers, making the most of every opportunity. When you talk, you should always be kind and pleasant so you will be able to answer everyone in the way you should.”

I want to know more about Christ and his power. I want to share in his sufferings, I want to share in his victory. I want to be filled with his love. I want to be filled with his knowledge and his love, to be filled with his boldness and his understanding so that I can meet each of my team leaders and each member of my groups right where they are at. To not only provide them with a mission trip experience they will never forget but also send them home with the knowledge that they are children of the most high God. They are treasured and they are his.

I ask you to join me in prayer that God will continue to fill me with compassion, thoughtfulness, boldness, love, grace and mercy so that I can better serve my teams. Also, I ask you to please pray that I can personally be renewed physically, spiritually, and emotionally and can finish the following six weeks in this beautiful country knowing that when I leave I laid everything out on the table and held nothing back so that God can receive all the glory.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers. They mean more than you know.

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23