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Snapshots from the Jungle: My Little Entourage

 I don’t even know where to begin in talking about the little entourage of girls who followed me around during my sixth week of ministry in Belize. They were some of the cutest and unbelievably precious girls I had met all summer.  I was way up north in a village called Libertad and on the very first Sunday we were there I met Arlyney (She was my main girl…She’s with me in the first three pics!). She came up to give me a hug and I asked her if she wanted to sit on my lap. Talk about an instant connection! The entire week she never left my side. Everyday when the bus would drive up so we could start VBS she would be there. I’d get off the bus and she would come running, jump into my arms and give me the biggest hug. Having a child run up to you like that is a feeling that literally cannot be put into words, it has to be felt.  Throughout the week, my little entourage grew until I had three little girls who would constantly come and sit on my lap, give me hugs, or want to take a picture with me.
  About halfway through the week the Pastor of the church, Pastor Valdez, came up to me and explained to me that the girls were probably attaching themselves to me so quickly and easily because they did not get that kind of attention at home. It broke my heart because in my mind all I was doing was allowing them to sit on my lap and showering them with hugs and smiles, but to them it was amazing. Those girls made my 6th week one of the best weeks I had all summer and they also made it one of the hardest goodbyes I’ve ever had to say in my entire life. It was hard not only because I was leaving but also because when Arlyney jumped into my arms and gave me one last huge hug, she whispered in my ear, “I love you.” I nearly broke down in tears right there! All I could do after that was tell them how much Jesus loved them and how much I loved them, hoping that I would be given the privilege of returning to that part of Belize to see them again. I feel so humbled that God allowed me the opportunity to shower those girls with love and make sure that they know how precious they are. It is moments like those that I wish everyone could experience and moments like those that make me remember why I do what I do. Experiences like that make my job worthwhile. 

Snapshots from the Jungle: Food!


“It’s always nice to feed others before you feed yourself.” One of my participants (actually from my trip to Mexico back in March) said that one morning after we had gotten up early in order to go to the front of the hospital and feed breakfast to the people waiting. It has stuck with me ever since.  Food Ministry of any sort has become (and will probably continue to be) one of my all-time favorite ministries that our teams do while on their trips in Belize. I can’t even begin to explain the excitement and adrenaline I feel when we start planning food distribution. Each step builds up the anticipation:

  1. Sitting down with the Pastors and hearing about the families. (This gets you to a 4 on the scale)
  2. Getting to go shopping for food and other things that those families need. *Going through a store putting things like rice, beans, milk, soup, sugar, soap, cornflakes, and oil in  cart knowing that it is going to help a family in need is a feeling that I wish everyone could experience.* (You skip 5  & 6…you’re at a 7 now)
  3. Packing it up  in boxes and bags and then praying over it! (Yeah, you’re at a 9…who cares about 8)
  4. Picking up the boxes and heading out to the homes of the families. (This is a 10…possibly 11) 
  5. Walking up to the house, getting invited into their home and presenting them with not only physical food but spiritual food as you share Christ’s love with them and letting them know how much he loves them and how much you care for them. AND then praying for them right there on the spot! (Your excitement and pure joy is pretty much through the roof at this point) 

There were so many times this summer where people just broke down and wept, they thanked us for the food, for our prayers and were overwhelmed with gratitude. Talk about being humbled. I can go down to my kitchen every day and not have to worry about what’s in it. I forget everyday what a privilege it is. After experiencing so many different types of food distribution and serving meals this past year, I am hoping to turn over a new leaf and work hard to never forget how nice it is and what an amazing experience it is to feed others before you feed yourself.