Monthly Archives: March 2013


“Here’s to many more firsts and many more great memories.” 

Since I last wrote my life has been filled with many “firsts.” My first day/week of work, my first commute (haha), my first office, my first conference call, my first work email, and on and on and on. Every first is a big accomplishment in my mind. It’s the start of something new and exciting. In about a week’s time, I will be embarking on my first trip of the year with PPM and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m excited because it is my first trip as a full-time staff member but I am also excited because it will be my first trip with PPM to Mexico. It will be challenging because I haven’t been to Mexico for 5 years but it will also be an amazing time of growth. I’m excited to yet again have the opportunity to fellowship with people different from myself and to meet them where they are at. I am humbled that I have been given this opportunity to simply love people and learn about their lives. I am excited to make new friends through my team and to once again enter the field which God has called me to. As I prepare for this trip of a lifetime I have several things that I will ask you to pray for:

  • Pray for myself and my team that we will enter the week well rested and ready to go.
  • Pray for safe travels to Phoenix and then down and across the border to Hermosillo. 
  • Pray for our ministries that things will go smoothly.
  • And lastly, Pray for the people we will come in contact with that God’s light and love will shine in all that we do and say and that their hearts will be open to receive it. 

As I think about my upcoming adventure and what is about to happen, I imagine some people may ask why? Why do I choose to live frugally and to go to places that are so different from what I am used to? Why do I choose to sleep on the floors of churches and community centers? Why do I choose to continually place myself in situations that challenge me and, to be quite honest, scare me? I think the answer is quite simple. It is found in 1 John 4:19: We love because he first loved us. God loves us without condition and without cause. We don’t deserve His love and there is nothing we could ever do to deserve such love. I love others because He loves me. I’m not going to lie sometimes it’s hard and sometimes I just don’t want to, but I promise you that every single time you challenge yourself to love someone it’s worth it. You learn so much not only about the other person but about yourself during the process. Take up the challenge today to love someone you have found it difficult to deal with. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. There’s a first time for everything.