Monthly Archives: July 2012

Unsatisfaction in the Lukewarm

    So, before I go into any sort of detail for this post I just wanted you to know that I had originally planned to post something on here at least 3-4 times a week but, as you can see, that is clearly not happening. Again I am new to this whole “blogging” business and I also do not find myself in the vicinity of a good internet signal very often down here. I hope that the pictures and these little blurbs keep you interested as I work to update them as often as I can. Thank you all for your support and your prayers. It is a huge blessing for me to know that people are praying for me especially in this season of my life as I am striving to figure out what I should do after college and how to pay all the student loans, etc. that I have acquired because of my schooling. I find myself in a constant struggle of yearning to hand it all over to God and to trust in Him and then trying to take it back and worry all over again. I ask for your prayers as I wrestle over these things and all my upcoming decisions.
    Now, onto the real reason and topic of this post. For my journey this summer, I decided to bring along the book by Francis Chan called Crazy Love. I read it awhile ago but as I was packing I saw it on my desk and decided to put it into my suitcase and see what happened. These past few days I have been slowly but surely reading through chapters 4 & 5 which are entitled “Profile of the Lukewarm,” and “Serving Leftovers to a Holy God.” These chapters are very powerful (Now, don’t get me wrong the entire book is powerful but for me these chapters contain an extra punch). In these chapters, Francis Chan confronts you with thoughts abounding in how today’s Christianity has turned from an all-out, completely consumed by God Christianity to a half-hearted, it looks good so I’ll go to church Christianity. This, my friends, is terribly wrong and incredibly sad. The saddest part about it for me is that sometimes (and dare I say alot of the time) I could find myself on the side of being a lukewarm Christian. I find myself falling backwards into the society we live in and desiring it more than I desire God. I have made the decision that I will not be consumed by the American lifestyle so I will never stop striving to overcome but it is a mighty struggle.
    We read in these chapters that when we become half-hearted Christians and we are no longer consumed by God’s never-ending, overwhelming love we in turn stop giving God all of us and instead give him what’s left. “It’s easy to fill ourselves with other things and then give the leftovers to God.” When life becomes easy and we are prosperous, we forget who helped us to become prosperous and who has provided that prosperity. We begin to think that we can take care of ourselves and that we no longer need help from God. Our trust falters, our belief falters, and soon all that we are  left with is a room full of stuff and nobody to celebrate and share it with. God is Holy. God is love. Because he loves us so much he allows us to prosper in hopes that we will share that love with others because of our faith. In James 2:17 it reads, “Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action is dead.” Our prosperity should not push us into the realm of lukewarm Christianity, rather it should propel us into the realms of full-on, unashamed, all out love for God. Love that we become so filled with that we can do nothing us but share it with others.
    I believe that my generation can make this happen. I believe that if we pull together, if we fight for what is right, if we live as if we truly believe that God loves us as much as we say he does, if we take that love and share it with others we can stop lukewarm Christianity and begin a blazing hot Christianity like the world has never seen before. So What do yo think? Is it about time to put an end to lukewarm Christianity?